Because this writing and publishing thing can be excruciating in its randomness, I’ve decided to be transparent regarding the overwhelming volume of editors who’ve passed on my scribblings before they found a home. Hopefully, it’ll inspire some folks to keep putting it out there.



Center of It All @ Herstory.

Belly love.


Gender Parity in Northeast Ohio Community Theater @ Howlround.

My analysis of not only the lack of women playwrights and directors, but why it’s occurring, and the really important reasons we should improve.


Of Kin and Kidney Transplants: Living As My Sister’s Keeper @ The Establishment

This piece was rejected 20 times before The Establishment had the good editorial sense to pick it up. It’s an uncomfortable read, and falls outside the usual living donor narrative. After you read it, do me a favor and throw some claps my way.


Living Donors Are People Too @ Narrative Inquiry Into Bioethics

Various Book Reviews @ CG Magazine
Essayist @ Conversely
Columnist @ The Village Buzz
Columnist @ Suite101
Freelance reporter @ Montrose Sun Newspapers



Portrait of a 21st Century Man and Good-Bye @ Toasted Cheese


March Flurries @ Icono Clast (Print! Click below) <- 18 rejections


Inevitable @Brine. <- only 1 rejection on this one!


(dis)placed and Name Less @ Ink & Nebula.

Each of these poems was rejected 20 times (!)